As We Move Into 2022 We Must All Embrace The Next Phase Of Humanity’s Evolution. I Am Here To Assist You In Helping Your Audience Rise Above This Blanket Of Fear, Transition Out Of The Tyrannical Trance, Embrace And Embody A New Normal Of Our Choosing, Re-Unite With Our Intended Tribe, And Co-Create A Beautiful Brave New World. Oh and by the way… YES… We Are Now In A Critical Race Against Time.

This Is My True Calling

Little did I know at the time, but I came into this life on a mission to help save our planet, rescue humanity, and lead the fearful into a more peaceful, prosperous and courageous new world. The first task at hand is to address this fear, and inspire the masses to reconnect with the courage and wisdom that resides in their hearts.

As we grapple with the idea of “The New Normal” there is still much work to be done, and sadly, I believe that fear and the lack of courage is holding humanity back. Given the situation we are currently in, we must not forget that time is now of the essence.


  • Book – Fear Is The Virus Courage Is The Cure
  • Video Series – Powering Down The Fear Machine
  • Online Program – A Simple Guide To Rising Above The Fear And Tapping Into Your Unshakable Courage
  • Evolution Movement – The Mental Wellness Revolution Reboot

In 2020 Human Consciousness Was Dealt A Severe Blow, Causing It Along With The Energetic Frequencies On Our Planet To Plummet. Given The Continuous Bombardment Of Fear Porn, The Recovery For Many Is Slow At Best. It Is Now Of Upmost Importance That We Rise Above, Quell, And Dispel These Fears, And Replace Them With Unbridled Courage Instead.

As a child, one of my first memories was that of a comet, this has turned out to be a significant theme in my life, and while I am, and have always been in awe of The Universe, that burning question for me was, “how did they all forget?“. While I didn’t necessarily know what it was that I believed had been forgotten at the time, I have come to realize in recent times that I had the answers all along, and have spent much of my life searching for the questions to those answers which I brought with me.

On a soul level I had apparently decided to come into this life to experience and teach about fear, and that I did, beginning when I suffered a massive panic attack which immediately manifested into a debilitating panic disorder, chronic anxiety, agoraphobia and a life filled with crippling fear that brought my life to a standstill. This experience presented me with the option of either masking the problem with big pharma’s pills, or finding a way to combat this relentless condition myself. I took on the challenge, and while it took years for me to make a full recovery I became consciously aware of the energy that runs through our bodies, our connection to the universe, and perhaps more importantly, how I in the same way much of humanity has also done so, had become completely disconnected from my heart.

Throughout my adult life, and since that first panic attack I have felt as though I have been in race against time. I also started to write about many issues that I had never been in the least be interested in, including that of stress, anxiety, fear, panic and mental wellness issues. It was as though I was being guided to do so, and through this experience I became even more aware of how so many people respond to fear, and their willingness to give up their rights and freedoms when under it’s spell.

To cut a very long story short I ended up writing several books and creating programs to help others combat this debilitating, and soul destroying condition. Little did I know at the time, but I have spent much of my life preparing for the very trying times, and unreasonable issues we have now been presented with. The issues that are hampering humanity’s evolution are in fact all a part of my calling, and are in alignment with my mission here on planet earth.

Where Do We Go From Here?

It appears as though humanity is in a holding pattern, and while many are awaking a great deal do not know where to go from here. Even of the awakened, there are still too many people waiting for permission to start living their lives again. Many are oblivious of the Grand Master Plan, and we need to help humanity get on the right track by taking back control of their lives and living, loving and leading from the heart.

I Am At Your Service

I would be happy to come on your show for an interview to address these as well as other issues revolving around The Great Awakening, The New Normal, The EBS, Fear, Courage, Inspiration and so on.

Please feel free to contact me at your earliest opportunity so that we can set up a time.

Kindest Regards,

Suzanne J. Price

Author, Coach, Mental Wellness Advocate, Heart Based Leader, and Rebel With A Spiritual Cause.