How Did We Get Here?

In my book, Fear Is The Virus Courage Is The Cure, I raise the issue about how it is often believed, and said that babies are born with only two fears, with those being the fear of falling from a height, and the fear of loud noises. And while I state that I don’t necessarily agree with this concept, I go on to question just how and why if this were so, that we then end up with so many fears and anxieties in our lives. Using the timeline of 2020 to this current time, I then break down a few of the ways this can, and often does happen. To be clear, my reasoning for this is not only to paint a bigger, albeit clearer picture so that I can demonstrate just how humanity has been brought to this point, but also to empower the reader by showing exactly how fear has been, and still is being used as a means of enormous control, and a method of dividing the human race.


When in a state of fear it can be very difficult to even think straight, never mind be objective, and therefore we may mistakenly assume that everyone else is thinking the same thing, or feeling the same way that we are, but this is not necessarily so. Furthermore, if we have bought into, or taken on some strong beliefs about a perceived threat, such as the pandemic event, and feel that others are not taking it seriously enough. Or worse yet, they have an opinion that opposes ours, then this can literally mean war, or at least a battle of the wills between those who feel strongly enough to defend their position no matter what. This is exactly what has been happening over the past few years, and so in order to initiate the peace talks amongst families, friends, or even the masses, we must first be willing to listen to both sides of the story, or at least look at the bigger picture.

With that said, and since I am sure that we are all here to heal, I am going to list a few of the most prevalent fears that have been, and still are dividing humanity, as well as driving a stake through the very heart of the human race. As you read the following list, please be sure to keep an open mind, and if possible do some further research of your own so that you can gain a better understanding as to why, and how so many people have become burdened by so many different fears. Above all else, please keep in mind that awareness is the key to understanding, empowerment, and freedom from fear.

Trending Fears

  • Fear Of Catching A Virus
  • Fear Of Being Separated From Loved Ones
  • Fear Of Losing Freedoms
  • Fear Of Losing Inalienable Rights
  • Fear Of Losing Freedom Of Speech
  • Fear Of Governmental and or Medical Tyranny
  • Fear Of Other People’s Opinions and/or Behaviors
  • Fear Of Loss of Job, and/or Financial Independence
  • Fear Of Mandatory Vaccinations and Microchipping
  • Fear About The Future
  • Fear That The Masses Are So Oblivious To What Is Really Going On Behind The Scenes
  • Fear That The Pandemic Event was or/is The New World Order’s Plan To Depopulate The Human Race, aka Agenda 21

I Am Suzanne Price, on a mission to help humanity rise above the fear which has blanketed our planet, take back our personal power, tap into the infinite well of courage which has been kept hidden from us, and become the warriors we were born to be.