We Are Mind Body Entities

If you have read any of my books on stress, anxiety, panic, fear or the like, then you will know that the turning point for my recovery from a ten year sentence of anxiety and panic attacks revealed itself to me upon my realizing that we are all mind/body entities. What this means is that every thought, whether positive or negative will elicit a feeling, or set of feelings. And any feeling may in turn elicit a thought, such as if you are feeling unwell you may think about someone who has cared for you in a similar situation in the past.

In saying that though it isn’t just thoughts and feelings that trigger other elements of our Being, because the sense of smell which is extremely powerful could elicit thoughts, feelings or memories as well, as could taste, touch, sight, or sound. Just think about the intensity of emotion that can arise whenever you see a beautiful vista, watch an incredible sunset, or recall a memory into your mind of someone you love. The same emotions can be elicited by just a few bars of your favorite piece of music, or a few words in a song, and for some it may be the sounds of a song bird that could capture your mind, and settle you into a state of bliss.

Besides the five senses we have come to rely on in this third dimensional world, our sixth sense is just as much, if not a more powerful asset when it comes to this phenomenon. Let’s face it, our intuition is very much alive and well and has the ability to alert us of danger among many other things, if only we are willing to pay attention to, and acknowledge it. My point being is that we are all mind body entities, and these are just a few of the most basic ways in which our mind body systems communicate with each other all of the time.

Stress, Anxiety, Fear And Panic Are All Mind Body Experiences

I have also written extensively about how, when I was suffering with chronic stress, debilitating anxiety, and paralyzing panic attacks, not to forget the agoraphobia and depression that often accompanies it, I had such a difficult time finding the answer I was looking for. This was because while these conditions are often thought of as being mental illnesses, as in related to the mind or the head, so many of the symptoms and sensation were physical, and experienced throughout my entire body.

The challenge then arose, that while I became aware that what I was experiencing was happening on a mind/body level. The medical profession who receive much of their training through big pharma funded programs, were trying to convince me that this was a chemical imbalance in my brain that needed correcting with… you guessed it, big pharma’s medications. Hence the reason why every time I walked into a doctors office looking for help to understand how and why I was experiencing so many awful symptoms and sensations throughout my body, I would end up walking out with nothing but another prescription for more pills. None of which I took by the way.

If We Are Mind Body Entities Having A Mind Body Experience Then Surely We Should Pay More Attention To Mind Body Therapies

There was another aspect to this whole ordeal that very few people were talking about as well, and that was of the energy that runs through our bodies, and which can become blocked or reversed when under stress, or in fear. This was the key to freedom for me, as it was upon learning how to manage my energy that I ultimately quelled the feelings and sensations caused by all of this stress and fear.

Sadly, many who suffer with these kinds of conditions never fully recover, and I believe that in many cases it is only because they have not been given the roadmap to recovery. Instead they have been given the shut up and give up formula, where they are often led to believe that whatever they are suffering with is is hereditary and therefore they are stuck with it.

Stress is a response to what we perceive to be issues which are out of our control, and yet it is treated as if it were a disease that needs to be medicated. The same goes for fear and panic, although now we are talking about far more ingrained fears and challenges, and yet I believe that this to can be overcome.

I personally did not take any medication other than half of an Ativan at the very beginning. However, since I do not like feeling as though I am not in full control over my own mind and body. Nor, am I one to knowingly put toxic substances into my body, especially when given to me by someone in a white coat with a stethoscope around his or her neck who can’t, or wont, whichever the case me be, explain why I am feeling so awful, I chose not to. Instead I decided to get to the root of the problem and repair it from the ground up. And by doing so I eventually became stronger and more empowered than I had ever been before. In saying this I do want to point out that I had the advantage of growing up in a culture that had not yet been completely infiltrated by the pharmaceutical machine, and so was not so willing to shut up and comply with whatever the doctors ordered!

I Am Suzanne Price, on a mission to help humanity rise above the fear which has blanketed our planet, take back our personal power, tap into the infinite well of courage which has been kept hidden from us, and become the warriors we were born to be.