Hello, and thank you for stopping by The Mental Wellness Revolution Re-Boot. I say re-boot because I created The Mental Wellness Revolution many years ago, only to have had it, along with so much of my other online work sabotaged in recent times. In saying that though, and since my focus has changed a little since the beginning of the rollout of the pandemic event, meaning that it is now more aligned not only with my true calling, but my life’s purpose, or what you might call my life’s mission, I will look at this disruption as a blessing in disguise. With that said, you will notice that a lot of my current work revolves around the mental health issues which have come about as a result of everything that has taken place since the beginning of 2020, and in particular the rollout of the pandemic event.

We Are On A Mission

My intention is, and always has been, to inspire as many people as humanly possible to reclaim their God given powers through mental wellness, clarity, and freedom. When I say God given powers, I am referring to the fact that you, I, everyone on this planet has innate powers that have been suppressed and oppressed largely by fear, and that those powers are needed if we are to reconnect with our own mission, passion, and purpose in this lifetime. Please note that my emphasis is on wellness as opposed to illness, empowerment as opposed to support, and freedom as opposed to oppression. You may be a little surprised that I have mentioned support in this way, I want to be clear that I am not opposed to support in anyway, as long as it is offered in an authentic manner. And it has been my experience that many support group receive funding based on the amount of people who attend their groups, meaning that some, not all, support groups seem to support their members to remain stuck, instead of helping them heal and setting them free again.

Powering Down The Fear Machine

Powering Down The Fear Machine is a series of videos which I have created not only to help dismantle some of the fears we have been bombarded with since the rollout of the pandemic event, but also to enlighten you on issues that should empower us all as we move into the future. In these videos I also offer tips, and teach some powerful tools that will help you rise above your fears, quell your anxieties, and manage your stress. These videos are currently available on YouTube, however since we are awaiting some monumental changes with some of the social media channels they will also be made available on additional channels in the near future.

Stress Less Sundays

Stress Less Sundays will resume in early 2022. Please register your name and email address in the opt in box on this page to receive updates about this as well as other programs, workshops, live and online events. By doing so you will also receive links to the latest Powering Down The Fear Machine videos.

I Am Suzanne Price, on a mission to help humanity rise above the fear which has blanketed our planet, take back our personal power, tap into the infinite well of courage which has been kept hidden from us, and become the warriors we were born to be.

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