Let The Healing Begin

Enough is enough, it is time to let the healing begin. We are almost two years into all the craziness of the pandemic event and yet still so many people have no idea about what is really going on here, nor have they been interested in knowing the truth. It is time to let the healing begin, and in order to do that we are all going to need to open our minds to the truth about what has really been going on behind the mask-er-ade of the pandemic event and what appears to be a planet in distress. This might sound like a bit of a scary concept to some, but the truth is nowhere near as scary as choosing to remain both ignorant and therefore powerless. It is time to trade our fears in for courage, and our willful ignorance in for empowerment. Let’s do this!!!

We Must Learn To Rise Above Our Fears, Help Raise Each Other’s Spirits, And Come Together To Rise The Frequency Of The Planet

I Am Suzanne Price, on a mission to help humanity rise above the fear which has blanketed our planet, take back our personal power, tap into the infinite well of courage which has been kept hidden from us, and become the warriors we were born to be.

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